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Posted by World Architecture Community on December 21. 2017.

Bjarke Ingels' firm BIG has signed a contract with the municipality of Esbjerg to design a new student housing, as part of the regeneration plan for the Tovværket in the heart of Esbjerg, Denmark. BIG's new plans will include three residential towers, providing up to 450 youth homes which is planned to be completed in 2020 as part of a significant new building at Tovværket in Esbjerg. 

Named Esbjerg Towers, the new design scheme draws a significant resemblance with the Cactus Towers of BIG that the studio unveiled in August for Copenhagen. The towers, each of them reaching at 6, 10 and 17 floors respectively, are comprised of a circular plan and a square layout for balconies that are shifted in each floor slab to provide variation in the facade and so residents can stay on the balconies longer.

The three towers of Esbjerg Towers, reaching at 57, 35 and 23 meters height, respectively, will contain approximately 450 private youth housing in different sizes. The building will be launched as soon as the necessary permits are available and is expected to be completed approximately two years later, so that young people are ready to take part in a study start in the summer of 2020.

The municipality of Esbjerg is also planning to design new outdoor areas, as part of the student housing project at Tovværket. As part of the project, welcoming common green areas will be established for stays and activities for residents of youth houses.

 "Parking is being established on the ground where Tovverket's Children's Park houses until 1 January 2018. This separates accommodation areas and parking, which allows for the design of space between buildings for an active and attractive living area that can also attract other young people than the residents," stated in a website of the project.

"We are fortunate that several recognized architects have made their mark in Esbjerg Municipality with beautiful construction works, and with BIG we can proudly add another name and an architectural gem to the palette," said the mayor of Esbjerg.

"Esbjerg Towers is a big win for the city and of course for the young people who look forward to getting supplemented with the provision of non-profit youth housing with a large number of private in the new building. In the municipality of Esbjerg we have a clear ambition to attract more students, and this exciting project is an important step on the road."

Each tower in Esbjerg Towers is built around a sixteen-story climate screen, which goes straight up and down and has a core of lifts and stairs in the middle and a round entrance with access to the youth houses.

The roundabout is 42 meters, Ribe Domkirke 52 meters and Esbjerg Towers is 57 meters high, so everyone who has been up in the tower of Ribe Domkirke will have a good feel of the stunning view from the roof terrace at the top of the tallest building where the young residents Enjoy 360 degree views of the city, the harbor, the Wadden Sea, Ho Bay of Skallingen and the North Sea.

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